You are the living light of eternity
You are the Flower of LOVE
You are the way that the breath of God
can come and sing its song

With every moment a miracle is born
With each moment comes new life
You are the miracle of Gods great Love
A precious gift of Light

So worship the life that is Born of Great Love
Worship the Love that you are
Let the Light of your Heart Be filled with the Truth
That God will guide you in every way
God will Guide you today
To Smile with the Knowing that
You are Here to be the Living Light of Eternity
The Branches of Lifes Tree
Know this With Faith in your Heart
And this Truth will set you Free

Choose Love

Always choose love as the way You convey the light
For the Light When carried with Love transforms the Energy
Of the one giving and receiving
The transmission of light Is the beacon in the in the darkness
And as the sun brings light to earth
So god brings life and all of creation into the world
To receive this light takes the conscious choice And to be this light Takes daily maintenance
To share this light Takes patience, kindness, understanding and Love, love, Love
Choose to wear this mantle of light
And wear it as a robe of god
Use the protection of the light And understand the Power of Light
Comes with the sharing of light with love
And when it was said I am the light of the world
and who soever believth in me shall never die
There was a message of choosing the light And believing and acting with light to
Form a light body that will never perish
Thus there is the process Of Choosing the light
Wearing the mantle of God And sharing the light of god with love to serve
For in the Sharing Comes the gift of allowing ourselves to be as God
Giving as God would give, Loving as God would Love And being as god would be
And is with man
And accept and receive this gift of the light
When you are ready to live with love And trust your self
To be with the light, And be with the love, So you can be with God
And be come a being of Light Who works with Love to Serve the Plan
So Gods purpose may be fulfilled

Give Your Life To God

I say give your life to God
For from God you come and to God You shall return
With every breath of life God is Present
And it is for you To become Present To the Consciousness of God When you give your life to God
The consciousness of God Brings the Gift of Life
To your every Moment of awareness
With the Power of light to hold as your own Source
And the Grace of Love to Know as your own Heart
And when you give your self to God
Then all of the little distractions of
Life that take your time and Energy
are put into a different perspective The light of Now is the Transforming Moment Of Gods Breath of Life
Breath in this moment of Life Now
And Feel the Divine Presence of the Blessings
That will bring you to where the Masters Meet
This Place is where the of God is Served
And in this service you may Understand
The way to give your self to God
In your heart there is a compass
That will guide you to Love
In your Mind is the Power to Choose your Position and Direction To follow your Heart And walk the Path to the Place that is where the Circle of Life is Centered
Within your Soul where you will find the truth of this Circle And in this circle that has no Beginning or end you will find me
I am in all of the moments of life
In all the moments I am that I am
So give your life to God and Know that you are giving your self to Life Eternal And to the Love that created you
It is the Reason you came here for and your Purpose for Being
So Give your Life to God and be Free to Be with Me

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All rights reserved. Copyright 2008.