Let the Light

Let the Light that is your very Source fill you with
The Strength to Be the love
That can change the world

Let the Love that is in the heart of God
Be your guiding Light
And the Answer to your solutions

And let the will that can create the course of your dreams
Be attuned to the Highest purpose
So that the Light and Love of God
Can fulfill the plan
Of heaven on earth through you

And may you be able to Be the Light
And live with Love
And Share the Way of truth
To Serve with the Blessings of God In this life
And Love with the Unconditional Power of Understanding
And know Joy as the Servant of God
So that you may live love
Be in Light
And Find Peace Now and Forever

When You Believe

When you believe that you can be with God
And Allow This energy to permeate your
Body Mind and Soul
You will be able to release all worry and fear
For the power of God can Bring
The light into your being to direct and Guide you
Protect and Find you
And Bring you the allowance
To let yourself Be the Agent of God
So listen close and hear the way
The truth comes to you
And be still in your mind
And release all doubt and fear
The Light of God is with you
And guides you with great Love on this journey

And if you learn to Love others As I love you
You will find the Doors to the Temple of God
And you will hold the
keys to the Kingdom within

Blessings Of Love

Blessings of Love
Blessings of Light
And Blessings of Joy
The Anointed One Is the one who allows the essence of the Soul
To fill the Being With the Nectar Of God
The sweetest Song of the Lord Is the Song of Awakening
The birth of this Christ hood Is the Mantle of the Ones? Who Travel the path of God
And Who Walk the Way of the Traveler In The Light of the New Dawn
See the Holy Spirit come to you
And Feel the Breath of God Speak to you and renew you
For you are Newly Anointed
And when you release the Past and Embrace the heart of truth
With the Acceptance of Love Smile with the Awareness That you are God
Thank God for the Gift of your Life
And all the many gifts you have been given
And bless all of Gods Creation in the Entire universe
And fill the entire Universe with your Love
Bless the Earth, the Moon, the Planets and the Sun
Bless the stars and all celestial Bodies
Bless the Tress the Plants, the Flowers,
The Waters the Ones who swim the Birds
And all the Winged ones who fly,
Bless the four legged ones and all the animals
Bless the insects and the ones that crawl.
Bless all of humanity and all life on earth
And send your love out to all things
Throughout all time and Space
Through all dimensions and Celebrate
The gift of Freedom, Life Love and your Healing
Now and Forever

I Send You Angels

I send you Angels to hold your hand
To be there when you need to understand
How to get past the pain and heartache
To live with Joy according to the Plan
I send you Angels to guard the Land
To Watch over the Place where you abide
So in your communion with God
You have a safe place to go inside
I send you Angels to guide you on the Way
So when you are lost and weary and tired
From the long Journey the Angels
Will be on the Path to where I reside
I send you Angels Every day
And with the grace of Light Divine
The Angels come your way to Shine
On thru to the Secret Place
Where the Soul Dwells so
That you might find a way to see
The greatness that is hidden of all men
Even if you see them not
Or even hear their call
If your mind is slow to comprehend
Just believe that the Miracle of Life
Is happening not by chance and
Angels Are your friends
So make a little opening and let the Angels in
And take the time every day
And let The Angels be in your heart and Soul
To enlighten you and make you whole

Affirmations To Allow You To Be With God

I am worthy of Gods love
I am a Child of Gods light and love
I have nothing to Hide from God
For both I and God know everything about us
I am worthy of Carrying and sharing Gods light
I am a servant of God
God is here with me in every moment
God is in my heart and Soul
God is my life Source and is the light that I am
God is in every atom
And in every living Being
When I love Life I Love God
The time is now for every light worker
To Be aligned and attuned to God
The choice is always at hand So choose to be with God
To Love God And to love the Life God is
And then you can share the Light of God and be the servant of God
And be a part of the divine Plan
For the bringing in of Light and Love To humanity
And the Establishment of the true paradise on earth

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