There is a New World of Unlimited Light

There is a New World of Unlimited Light
That can Be Brought into Your realization
If you will Allow the Teachings to Begin
The Teachings Come from the Highest Place
Of Truth And Love and are able accept all of you
as you are able to accept your self
Focus on the Unlimited possibilities that
Can be Brought Forth and Let that Focus
see the Radiance of this New Day
See with the Eyes of the Soul
With no Hold on the Past Conception of Reality
See with the Open Heart of Love
For the New Place that Has been made with the Merging of
the Inner Self with Christ
I am All that you are
I am the Truth that you have searched for Through many Long Years
I Am the Love that you have Longed for and
Sought in Vain through Others
I Am All that and I am so much More than you May yet Understand
Yet you will Learn to Believe and Have Faith as you begin Anew
and Give your Self to the Truth that Lies in You waiting
to Be revealed and Given to those Who would be in the Circle of Light
That will be the Circle in the Center of Your Life
And the Way to the Point of Eternal Light
Unconditional Love and Blessings for All
Who would be Present in the Recognition
Of the Teachings of the Masters
I hold you in the Faith that you give to Love

The Realization of Light

Now it is Time to actualize the Realization of Light
Experience Light as the Initiatory Force of the Universe
And let the Light of the Cosmos Permeate and Fill the Soul
Allow the Soul to enter into the Mind and See the Light
Let the entire Body Be Filled with Light
This Heavenly Light is the Magnet and Receptor
of the Love that is Creation
Feel the Power of the Divine Mother And Creator
Let the Infinite Compassion of Understanding Come into your Heart
To bring forth the Greatest Love A Love that encompasses
Your self your Life And All those you know as Family and Friends
Now extend that love Out to all of humanity
And See the entire World as One family
All seeking Love and understanding
See the Planet Surrounded
with Waves of Love and light
and as the Love and light Surrounds the Earth
see it spiraling forth into the Universe
and let the Love of God
and the Light of Creation merge
with these waves of Love and Light
Now fill the total immersion of yourself
With this radiant Union of Divine Energy
An Feel the completion Of your Searching
And the fulfillment of your Lifes Purpose
As you allow yourself to be One with God
And Know that as you choose to live with the
Will of God And Love of God
You will be able to hold this space
And Embody the Place of Peace
And know that When you Remember to call upon this Place of Peace
It is always there waiting for you
And when you choose to be in the Light
That is the Source of Life
You can call upon the Light
Be with the Light
And Carry the Light
As you would carry your self
For indeed, You are Light
And thus you can know the Light of the World
And You are the One who is here
To Live with this Power to choose
To know and Love God

In the Realms of Higher Light

In the realms of Higher Light
The gateway to the Land of the Risen one Opens
The Dimension of the Highest is free of the Concerns of the Mind and body
And the love that is Present is the Driving Force
to the Experience of Understanding
How the truth of Bringing the Message can relate to the messengers Journey
The Message of Light and Love can be Heard on all Dimensions
In Every life there is the Calling for this message from the Soul's Light
In the Mind of those Willing to Hear how you Convey the message
And Share the Light Behind the Message
Can activate the Energy to Relate the: Love
The can answer the need of the World and the individual to Understand the World's need As a Soul that us Here to Relieve
The Suffering and Confusion of those Who are lost
On the journey Home as an Angel Guides the Heart
to Find the Love that is Precious and Alive in the Timeless Light of the Master
So the Path is shown to those who can not see or know the Way Home
For the Soul Knows the Journey that will retrieve the Heart
And The Soul's Light Can Shine Bright
So that the Darkness that Has been hiding
the Way can Now be Clear to be Seen In all of its Beauty and Glory
And the Fear of Not knowing can now be
Released with a Smile that Knows the Certainty
that the Master is Present and Holding the Way Clear
To now allow the Journey onward to Begin again

Glimpses of Eternity

Oh these glimpses of eternity
The radiance of Light you bring forth to the Place we meet
And If the Light Would Hold the Mind
and the Mind could open up to the Self
to stand in the center of the Energy of Pure Being
There we can meet and Merge
And the Soul Can Redeem the Heart that has been Broken
As the Love of the One that can heal holds The Blessings
of Radiant Peace
So Meet me in this Place of hope
Hold this Light Divine Presence
In Your Heart and know the true Love that you are
Heal your Body and Release the Mind
And Let the Soul Flow through You
To become one with the precious presence of God
Breathe this into your being
Bring this into your Life
Let your steps walk on the Path
That is leading to the Heaven on earth
Find the Gates to Paradise that is Waiting in the garden
And when you find the Place of Peace
Stay a while Be with ME
Plant the Seeds that will grow in time for others who would
Need to Be with God
And find the way to walk in peace everyday

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