The New Magic

The New Magic of the Light Workers
Is now Possible
With the Proper Intention
And mind Set
And the Right Foundation that can hold and
Reflect The pure Energy of Gods Power

When you find your calling
You must hear the Voice
That is speaking to you

You must Love the Way the message comes to you
And you must find a way to live and Share
The messages given to you
Know your calling
Comes from God

Believe and Experience the light
from which the Words come
and hold the love that brings the words to you
so that you
may share this love
For this is the Love
That will carry the words forth
So others may be attuned to the messages
This love is the Opening and the
Way of the path of Light
And when the gathering of light workers come together
This is the Energy
That can open the door to the transformation
Of the old to the new age
Here is where the magic begins

The Light of the Worlds

The World Receives as Light Receives
And the Light that is present within the World
As the Life Force of all Beings
Can be a reflection that can radiate forth
To be come the Light of the world
This light has a tone that can be heard as a sound that forms a tune
So that there is a universal song that our
Light creates and as we are the Light of the world
The song of the universe is a radiation that can lead us to the path of love
And the world can receive light from the universe
When we are in universal harmony
With the cosmos
So when we see the heart of the stars
We know their song
When we shine our light we are
In tune with the cosmos
And when we sing with love we are sharing
The space that is part of a greater song of love
So sing with love radiate your light
And hear the world song as
Part of the chorus of Gods Choir


Today is the beginning of a day
That has no beginning or end
For in Truth Love Is Never ending
And has no Beginning or end
Love is the great Healer
And with Love all things are possible
The Key to the Process
Is Believing
Believing with all of your Heart and Soul
And the Belief opens the door
To a Place where the Light of creation is Held
And the Love is Allowed to see the True nature of the Soul
As it works to manifest its Lifes Purpose
The Soul is the Living Spirit of Love
Holding the Flame of Love Within the Essence of its Being
For the Soul is the Part of the Heart of Gods Being
And When you allow the Soul to come
Into your consciousness and fill you with Light
Then the Light filled consciousness can reflect the
Pure light of God And Allow the Love of Christ to Be Present
And this is the way to Share the Infinite Love
that will bring the New Beginning to the Remembrance
of the Path that has no beginning or end

With all of your Heart

Come to me with all of your heart
Come to me in Love
Come to me with Joy in the Light
Of the song of the Souls secrets from Up Above
Come to me with Joy in the Light of the Song
That hears and sees
For I ask of You to Leave the past
To find the Way to Start A New
And bring to Life a Glorious day
You Have Given the Dream your Reality
And The Reality is Giving Way
To Gods Greatest Love and Light
A reflection of what is true
A Journey on the Divine path
That Leads to a Brand New Way
For the Day will soon be here
When the Old way is past and Done
The Door that held the greatest fears
Will shut as you become
The Servant of Love
The Servant of Joy
And in the Service of the Lord
You will Have Gods Gifts to Share

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