The power of light is infinite. This book brings you a way to tap into Light's life changing resource. You will learn to work with Light and to use it as a tool for all aspects of your life.

It will help you in personal growth and with your inner spiritual connection to God. This is a guidebook from the Light and for the Light. It will inspire and renew you. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey this book will help you to connect to your Soul and Source of all.
Put A Little Light In Your Life
Put a little Light in Your Life is a guide to how to use light to transform the mind, emotions, and body in every area of life, such as:

  • easing the pain of losing a loved one
  • stilling the mind
  • creating emotional balance and harmony
  • opening up creativity and intuition
  • resolving conflicts
  • releasing worry
  • clearing energy blocks
  • dispelling judgments
  • ending the dark night of the soul

The reader will learn how to send and receive light and energy consciously as they walk, eat, work, do yoga, while making love, watering the garden, playing with pets, while healing, doing art work, taking pictures, creating projects and more. They also will learn how to use light as a protective force around the place they live and work, their car, airplane, boat, or any vehicle.

May it bless you and speak to your Soul and shine God's radiant Light Upon you.
All rights reserved. Copyright 2008.