Cindy Paulos is a minister, writer, speaker, teacher, artist, composer, lyricist and videographer, as well as an award-winning radio and TV personality. Rev. Cindy Paulos

Cindy has been writing inspired poetry and words of wisdom for most of her life. She began her spiritual connection at the age of 12, which expanded into a profound experience of Light at age 15. Since then, she has received inspiration and guidance from her spiritual source through messages and song. She has produced a CD series of her original poems set to music, entitled Inspirational Messages By Cindy.

Rev. Paulos received her ministerial credentials at the age of 17 from the University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles where she became the youngest instructor to ever teach there. Dr. Paulos has been teaching meditation and how to connect with God ever since. In l978, she received her Doctor of Divinity degree.

In addition, she is an accomplished composer. Inspired by the transition of her mother, Paulos produced and recorded her first album of original songs entitled, There Is A Forever.
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Rev. Paulos also enjoys creating multi-medium artwork. The cover art of There Is A Forever is one of her original pieces inspired by Maui's majestic Mt. Haleakala.

Producer and host of hundreds of radio, television and live shows, and a renowned radio talk show host for over 30 years, Paulos now hosts the longest running talk show on Maui, interviewing celebrities, political leaders and spiritual teachers.
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